Investment Focus

Scalable solutions for real-world problems.

We are ‘sector-agnostic’ and focus on smart business models that have the potential to improve the quality of life for millions. For example, business models that employ:

  • Digital transformation
  • Financial/economic inclusion
  • Smart & sustainable value chains

Industry examples:

  • Food & water
  • Smart cities & energy
  • Education & skills
  • Health technology
  • Financial services
  • Energy & climate

Deal criteria

What we look for in our Entrepreneurs

  • A little bit crazy and willing to prove the world wrong.

  • Focused on the business: driven, own conviction, grit, willing to sacrifice.

  • Open to advice and feedback, wants to learn.

  • Can make money, business savvy.

  • Aligned values with E4E.

  • Personal connection (click, trust, 24-hour plane ride & good person rule).

  • Balanced team (personality and expertise).

  • Experimental / open to change.

  • Maturity, experience (preferably second time).


What we look for in your business

  • Potential to be SA industry leader and / or significant international potential.

  • Clear & ‘defendable’ proposition (e.g. IP).

  • Clear underlying business model.

  • Demonstrable ‘positive impact’ business model.

  • Focus on growth first.

  • Realistic exit potential.

  • Pre-revenue only if unique concept, and within core areas of focus / expertise of E4E.