About Us

We are entrepreneurs with extensive experience in building business in South Africa and internationally.

Having collaborated for some time, we have now established E4E to mentor and invest in a new generation of South African entrepreneurs building Africa.


The E4E team

Philani Sangweni
Managing Partner

Philani was a Senior Manager at Accenture and COO at Fundi. At Fundi he led the growth of the fund administration business from R1 billion to over R3 billion in 3 years. After exiting Fundi in 2017, he co-founded Matsei Technologies and AKRO whilst completing his EMBA at Insead.

He has worked with blue chip private and public sector clients in key sectors such as Financial Services, Transport, and Consumer Goods across Africa, building invaluable networks for E4E entrepreneurs.

He believes that business can be a force for good in transforming Africa, and is passionate about working with mission driven entrepreneurs to achieve this end.

Bas Hochstenbach

Bas worked at McKinsey & Co in Europe before moving to Tanzania to co-found Asilia Africa in 2004. Asilia pioneered new conservation & community models and grew into a business of 20 camps / 900 staff / US$ 35m turnover, At its 10 year anniversary in 2014 the company won the prestigious award for “Best Business” in the global tourism industry.

Since exiting Asilia in 2016, Bas has focused on hands-on mentoring & investing in early stage entrepreneurs, taking various board seats and managing a number of fundraising rounds.

Bas builds on trust and transparency, and enjoys driving commercial success of purpose-driven companies.

Aisha Pandor

After completion of her PhD in Human Genetics, Aisha consulted for Accenture in telecom and mining. In 2014 Aisha co-founded SweepSouth, Africa’s first and fast-growing online platform for home services.

With Aisha as CEO, SweepSouth grew to 20k domestic workers and 200k customers on the platform, with over R100m annual turnover. SweepSouth was awarded best startup at SA Venture Capital Awards in 2018 and Aisha was honored for her work with the first Forbes Women Africa Technology & Innovation Award in 2020.

As board member of Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative and BioCiti, Aisha believes in playing an active part in growing the African tech ecosystem.

Bakang Komanyane

Bakang graduated from Harvard University with a BA in Economics in 2008. He worked as an Associate at Hines, a real estate firm in 24 countries and over $100 billion in assets under management. In 2010, he moved to Ghana as project manager of the first commercial, green building in West Africa.

He relocated to South Africa in 2014, and was most recently a Senior Associate at Alethia IDF, a $75 million Pan African private equity fund, prior to joining E4E Africa.

Bakang is driven by the challenge to identify value in unexpected places.

Neil Watson

Neil co-founded Digital Planet in 1999. He built the business into a large e-commerce services business and successfully exited in 2019.

During that time he invested and exited many businesses in a wide range of industries. Since 2019, Neil has been investing and mentoring full time.

He loves working with Entrepreneurs to find innovative solutions to hard problems.

Frederik Gerner

As co-founder of high-tech hardware business Ampelmann, Frederik went the full entrepreneurial journey: building the company from scratch to 500 staff and $80m turnover, operating world wide. Frederik exited through a majority sale to PE in 2013.

He now brings this knowledge into action by working closely with entrepreneurs as partner in FORWARD.one (Dutch high-tech hardware VC) and E4E Africa.

Frederik believes that it is important to bring your product to the market as soon as possible in order to fine tune it together with your clients.