Current investments

We invest in emerging industry leaders that innovate key sectors.
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Vula Mobile

Vula app connects rural healthcare professionals to on-call specialists: more efficient referral process (decompress hospitals & specialists, safe costs) & better healthcare.
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Enlabeler is a data annotation platform to support AI and machine learning models. Offering a quality, cost effective business solution in a fast-growing market, with high social impact.
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Yebo Fresh

Yebo Fresh is a smart delivery model for affordable, hassle-free and better quality grocery shopping for township environment.
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Pineapple is a mobile insurance app that offers a fair, transparent, and affinity based P2P insurance.
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CMO is an eCommerce platform to bridge the gap between small growers / processors and markets for certified forestry products.
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Inseco is a technology-driven black soldier fly (BSF) protein producer, selling insect protein products as animal feed for high-end segments (pet food, animal feed, crop production, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals), contributing to meeting the demand for sustainable and high-quality ingredients to feed a rapidly growing global population.
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Busymed's technology platform connects independent local pharmacies to their communities and drives efficiencies and improved access to medicines.
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Qwili drives digital inclusion in Sub-Saharan Africa through a hybrid software-hardware product that removes barriers to smartphone access and m-commerce participation.
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SweepSouth is a pan-African home services platform that connects customers with home service providers, adding value through convenience, and addressing unemployment and underemployment within the sector in a data-driven way.
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Happy Pay

Happy Pay is an ethical Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) brand. HP’s mission is to be the first socially conscious BNPL platform on the continent through championing ethical lending practices and supporting social & environmental imperatives.
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Talk360 is a calling app and offers a VOIP (voice over IP) solution to enable calls with any person in the world on a fixed line or mobile phone without the need for an online connection.